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5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria

5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria

5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria. In this article, I will show you 5 excellent and workable steps to secure a good paying job of your choice in Nigeria.

I am a Nigerian, and for all that means, I am sure of the workability of the steps I will love to share with you. Most of us know that Nigeria, unlike the West, lacks a highly organized recruitment system. Imagine a recruitment system where millions of candidates were cluttered in a stadium with several of the candidates trampled to death as a result of an unchecked stampede and rush. I know you will never want to be caught up in that. That is why I have decided to explore alternative steps, 5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria.

Some people may not believe in the credibility of the 5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria I will be explaining, but I will advise you to give it a shot. At least, it is better than just sitting at home and talking to the moon.

Let’s explore, friends!!!

5 steps to get a Job in Nigeria

Explore early- You’re at an advantage when you channel your youthful energy on trying to find yourself a career niche. If you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, surely you still have a chance to be recruited into public institutions. Also, if you are employed and you do not feel like it is the right place for you, you have a chance to try somewhere new because you had started an early exploration.

Several government parastatals run an annual recruitment schedule. Examples are the Nigerian Defence Academy, Nigeria Immigration Service, African Development Bank Group and some commercial banks in Nigeria. I will advise you to check for latest job updates.

Engage in Networking

You see businesses thrive on the principle of networking; connecting producers to retailers and then to the final consumers. Isn’t that great? Yes, I know it is.
In the same manner, you should make sure like-minded folks surround you; people who are on the same career course as yourself. When you go to the bar, go together with them. When you’re studying and need a study partner, get in touch with them. When you need a relationship, hm hm hm hm. That way you will always be kept updated. Friends will always be fast to share the latest recruitment in town with their friends. Be in the right company.


Make Frequent and Adequate research

Companies usually do not rally around to announce their recruitment scheme, after all the candidates always outnumber the vacancy available. So, you should still surf the internet to make sure you are updated as to when a job opening comes up. It is always better to be the first crop of applicants. Such way, you will have enough time to prepare all your credentials and Resume.

You can check for updates on Job recruitment in Nigeria.

Always connect with new people

The first ever job I was hired for was almost served to me in the comfort of my bedroom. That was because a friend whom I met at the bank discovered that his boss needed a new assistant. Quickly, he recommended me, knowing that I had no Job then. Remember, I just met him like a week ago, and we kept in touch.

I understand that some people are introverts by nature, but that has to be reduced as much as possible. If you find it difficult talking to new friends, make an extrovert your close friend. Maybe they can cover up for your temperament.

Improve yourself with IT Knowledge

I almost wanted to skip this point, but I was compelled to bring it on. You can’t overemphasize the relevance of IT in the 21st Century. Companies are taking their businesses online, new business with a tremendous online presence are sprouting and this how the world goes. Nobody will want to employ a person with little or no IT knowledge. Even me, I wouldn’t want to be friends with you.
Make sure you improve yourself daily with an IT knowledge. It gives you an edge over your counters. Learn how to use the social media to generate an audience efficiently. Know one or two things about database management etc.


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