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2018 Five Easy ways To Make Money Online As A student & Graduate

2018 Five Easy ways To Make Money Online As A student & Graduate

Make Money Online As A student & Graduate –¬† Most of you all are really bothered about how bad the economy is and how you can cope with it.

As a student, when the semester is about to resume, the thoughts of how you can survive and also make money to go back to school would always scare you. when you remember that you have to pay your school fees and also your hostel fee you get scared. Are you a graduate and you are really finding it hard to cope as a graduate and also how you can fend for yourself while you await NYSC or getting a good job, what are the stuffs you can be doing to keep yourself busy. Worry not as we would be giving you a complete guide on how to earn comfortably from different types of online business with ease.

2018 Five Easy ways To Make Money Online As A student


01. Blogging/Freelance Writing

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Are you aware that you can make about $100 weekly by just writing, okay lets put you through.

With your writing skills, in this digital era, you would have nothing to worry about as you would always have clients whom would always need your services. here the question now comes up how do i meet my clients ? there are so many online platforms were you signup as a freelancer and update your profile and you would be lucky enough to be contacted for a job and should i also remind you that you would keep on getting jobs every moment once your contents are awesome and superb, most people are ready and a re looking for whom to write for them and get paid.

What about blogging this is a life time investment for you once you take it serious consider most of your problems solved. yes i said solved. Do you know that you can make over $500 monthly from blogging… oh yea don’t doubt it, the fact you know a blogger who doesn’t make that much does not mean bloggers dont make such an amount of money. all you need is good guidance and tutor then see yourself counting in dollars as a student. alright are you interested in owning a blog today, i would help you out by linking you up to a good blogger who would avail you with all the neccessary information, tools and guidance in becoming a successful Blogger, add Mr Frank On facebook to put you through

02. Video Editing

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Hahahaha… thats what you type when you are online either on facebook or instagram or also whatsapp status you get to see mind lifting,funny,epic short video clips that you would even ask for the video so you can share and watch on your phone.
Today most instagram users are in search of video editors and they need this video editors to survive, okay what about you been a student video editor, you can make alot of cash from it, don’t you think so… don’t feel discouraged, you can do it all you need is just to focus then you would see yourself making money. its not expensive to start up just with your device vooom you go.

03. Graphic Designing

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This is one skill that everybody would patronize in one way or the other, the skill is in high demand. as the world is going digital, everybody wants to flow with the trend and put there business online and thats where the services of a graphic designer is needed. should i tell you that as a student graphic designer you would make alt of money designing visual concepts such as logo,banner,advertisement,magazine and lots more… have that thought again go for it and make your money dont let that money watse.

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04. Social Media Influencer

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Do you know with your social media handles you can make lots of money with them, are you aware companies would meet you for advertisement, promotion and lots more. have you thought about the possibility of you creating viral contents. don’t waste time any more. with that your little smart phone you can make money.

05. Social Media Account Management

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Managing a companies social media handle is not an easy task, but think about it when companies, labels meet you to manage there social media handles, thats a lot of money for you.. stop using all this social networks for free make it as your means of earning and bet me you would never complain of being hungry.

I hope this article was helpful, if you are interested in blogging you can call Mr frank on 09031251581 to put you through or chat him up on whatsapp 08167623655.


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